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What an Interesting Wedding Dress Indeed

What an Interesting Wedding Dress Indeed

January 8, 2019 News

What an Interesting Wedding Dress Indeed

Everyone who is planning a wedding is looking for the next big thing that sets them apart from the crowd. We don’t want to blend in, we want people to come to our wedding and leave with a smile on their face saying oh my god that was some wedding. So what can we do to get that reaction from our wedding guests that’s hasn’t already been done yet. Well a bride who recently got married came up with a genius idea to please her guests on her big day.

Interesting Wedding Dress or Crazy??

I’ve seen a lot of different ideas and style of wedding dresses in my time but this is for sure the craziest wedding dress I’ve ever seen a bride wear on her big day. This bride not only hosted a drinks reception, she was the drinks reception. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! This bride decided to welcome her wedding guests in the craziest way ever. This bride greeted her guests while also giving them a glass of champers from her wedding dress made of glasses of the stuff.

Interesting Wedding Dress

This creative and booze covered dress could hold up to fifty glasses of the bubbly stuff. Guests in delight chatted with the bride while grabbing a glass of bubbles, what more could ya ask for.

The bride wore her wedding dress as normal but added a solid steel frame that went around her bottom half, this structure was full of prosecco all the way around. This cunning bride felt like the dress full of booze was such a hit at her wedding that she wants to share the idea with other brides who have the balls to try such a wacky idea on their wedding day.

This frame is currently up for hire for those brides looking for the edge on their wedding day.

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Interesting Wedding Dress
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Interesting Wedding Dress
Everyone who is planning a wedding is looking for the next big thing that sets them apart from the crowd.
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