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5 Tips When Booking a Wedding Abroad

5 Tips When Booking a Wedding Abroad

September 6, 2018 News

5 Tips When Booking a Wedding Abroad

So you’re engaged and it’s finally the time to start planning your dream day and get off your arse and plan plan plan! Many people make the decision to celebrate their wedding day in a different country. People have traveled overseas to get married for years and this trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. We can see why people decide to have a wedding abroad, the weather alone would make it so much more attractive than having your wedding here in Ireland where the weather for your big day is so uncertain, even in the summer months!

For this reason and sometimes this reason alone people are opting to booking a wedding abroad. To help you plan your destination wedding we have compiled 5 tips when booking a wedding abroad.

Booking a Wedding Abroad
  1. Check the weather in the country – yes the weather in your mind will be better than raining Ireland but do your research, your day might feel like it’s ruined when you fly all your guests over to your destination of choice only to discover that it’s monsoon season and the weather is crazy! Defeats the purpose of leaving Ireland in my eyes so do your research people. Before you even dream of booking the wedding abroad, check out the rainy and dry seasons of your desired location. Saying that you can still book in off season like May where the weather in most countries like Spain is still nice and hot but also mild because let’s face it, we’re Irish and we’re not made for that.
  2. Research wedding proceedings in the country – For example Italian weddings are all day things and typically start at midday with food and drink that carries on throughout the day and night. While a Spanish wedding starts much later and you ca be walking down the aisle by 5pm and having your wedding breakfast by 8pm. It’s just important to know what is custom and determine if this fits into your preferences for your big day.
  3. What’s the food like? Will the local cuisine be what you and your guests will like? No one likes to be hungry at a wedding and it’s a long day full of walking and drinking so your guests will need something to soak up all that and ensuring the local food is something you and your guests will be happy with is very important. The food is one of the main things people talk about after a wedding so it’s important to get this one right! So for this reason you need to find out what is traditionally served at a wedding in the country you pick to get wed.
  4. Make it as easy as possible – let’s face it we don’t want people to moan about our wedding day or become negative when they find out the wedding is abroad so it’s important to make it as easy as possible for them. Find out if there is direct flights, how far is the hotel from the airport, is there cheaper hotels in the location, is there a shuttle to the wedding church and so on. Making the day run smooth and ensuring the guests are not stressed and moan about your day you should look at things like this. An idea is to have a dedicated email address or website with all the wedding information on it so people can make plans. Another great thing to plan is a wedding guest bus, this is great if your having a wedding ceremony that’s not in the hotel where the wedding reception is happening.
  5. Will it be legal? Some people see outdoor weddings in Spain on the beech and think ah I would love that but what you don’t see is that it’s not legal and the happy couple had to get their marriage legalised prior or after the ceremony which is know as a blessing as its not legally binding. You’ll need to check the details of the country when it comes to your wedding being legal. Also in some countries it may be difficult to have a destination wedding as you must be a resident of the country for weeks or even months. If this is the case you can choose to have the legal ceremony in Ireland and then have the blessing in the country of your choice.

Wherever you choose to have your wedding abroad we wish you the very best of luck when booking a wedding abroad. Although we mention points on keeping your guests happy it’s also vital to remember that this is your big day and you’ll only do it once (hopefully) so do things that suit both you and your partner first. At the end of the day if your close friends and family love you they will be there to celebrate your wedding anywhere in the world. If you’re planning a wedding here in Ireland click here for top tips when choosing the wedding venue.

Happy planning brides and grooms!

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5 Tips When Booking a Wedding Abroad
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5 Tips When Booking a Wedding Abroad
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